C-1 Pool

C-1 Pool



When choosing a pool fence, safety is our number-one concern. Built to standards established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, these Vanguard fences feature several design elements intended to prevent accidents and enhance pool security.

First, the pickets of a Vanguard aluminum pool fence have less than 4 inches of space between them to keep small children from crawling through. Rails are flush to the bottom to keep the space between horizontal rails at more than 45 inches to remove climbing footholds. All Vanguard pool gates have spring-loaded hinges and self-closing, magnetic safety latches. These latches have been tested through more than 400,000 opening and closing cycles. For long-term durability, our fences are constructed with aluminum and protected with a super-durable TGIC powder coating to withstand the moisture and harsh chemicals found around pools.

Contemporary designs with smooth-top finishes are the most popular, making it easy to drape towels without snagging. However, some homeowners prefer the extra deterrent of points or finials that come with Traditional designs.

Please remember to make sure your fence meets local building regulations before ordering. Your installer should be familiar with installation requirements. If not properly installed, your fence may not meet code. Finally, make sure the fence is installed far enough away from any structure that someone can use to climb on and over your fence.

  • Three standard colors: Black, Bronze and White.
  • Standard height: 57". Standard gates are built to match the profile of the fence and are available in 3', 4', 5' or 6' widths for single-or double-gate configurations.
  • Single-Arch and Double-Arch options are available.
  • For a more distinctive fence with a wrought-iron look, add decorative scrolls, caps and finials. Cast from aluminum and powder-coated, they will not rust or require maintenance.
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