Aluminum Fence Slats

Aluminum Fence Slats

Aluminum slats have a classy lattice look. The slats are inserted diagonally in to the chain link fence. Aluminum slats will not chip, rust, crack and colors are fade resistant under normal conditions. Slats are installed 1 in 5 pattern. The picture shown above illustrates using white and black slats. Most customers install the same color of aluminum slat for the entire fence.

Aluminum Slat Specifications

  • Aluminum Fence Slats are made for a 2" diamond and 9 or 11 gauge wire, will fit larger diamond sizes but the privacy will be less.
  • Coverage: Each quantity ordered will have 48 aluminum slats. For a 2 inch diamond, each quantity ordered will cover approximately 10 linear feet of fence (depends on how tight your fence is stretched - the average chain link fence with a 2 inch diamond has 41 diamonds for every 10 linear feet of fence).
  • Design: Manufactured of extruded aluminum with a gloss-baked enamel finish. The baked on enamel will not chip, crack and colors are fade resistant under normal conditions.
  • Wind load and privacy factor: Approximately 95% (based on wire/diamond used-stretched tension). Diamond sizes larger than 2 inches the privacy will be less.

ALUMX- 2" Mesh

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