Rail End

Rail End

End Rail Cups, also known as End Rail Caps, are used at the end of the top and bottom rails in a chain link fence system. This diverse selection of end rail cups comes in three different sizes for galvanized chain link fencing and will quickly become a valued, reliable and durable component of any chain link fence application.


  • Standard sizes: 1 3/8", 1 5/8", 2", 2 1/2", and 3"
  • Adds Stability to Chain Link Fence
  • Rust-Resistant Aluminum Construction
  • One Rail End Cap Required for Each Rail Connection
  • Brace Bands and Carriage Bolts & Nuts Sold Separately
  • Designed For Residential Chain Link Fence Applications
  • Easy to Install Using a Brace Brand and Carriage Bolt and Nut
  • Creates Secure Connections for Rail and Chain Link Fence Posts


• Offset
• Galvanized
• Material: Aluminum
• Fits Externally onto Rail and Connects Using Brace Band and Bolt

  • RE-MAL
  • RE-PS
  • RE-OS-SS
  • RE-B
  • RE-C
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