Cable Rail Gates-Horizontal

Cable Rail Gates-Horizontal

Gates are essential for your railing’s safety if you have small children or pets, and even more vital if your deck opens onto water. 

Custom design and measurements for every gate

Architectural enhancements like rings or scrolls available

Comes in any standard or special-order colors

Powder coated with high-quality coating for long-lasting good looks

  • AMHZG3636-TBK
  • AMHZG3636-TBZ
  • AMHZG3636-TWT
  • AMHZG3648-TBK
  • AMHZG3648-TBZ
  • AMHZG3648-TWT
  • AMHZG4236-TBK
  • AMHZG4236-TBZ
  • AMHZG4236-TWT
  • AMHZG4248-TBK
  • AMHZG4248-TBZ
  • AMHZG4248-TWT