Parts & Hardware

National Metal Industries offer a wide varitity of hardware to fit any fencing application.
  • Fittings


    Aluminum Rail End, Brace Rail End, Gate Collar, Corner Boulevard, End Boulevard, Gate Clips, Gate Collars, Gate Corners, Kee Klamp Fittings, Line Boulevards, Rail Ends, Sleeves, and Steel Rail Ends.

  • Speed Rail Fittings

    Speed Rail Fittings

    Speed Rail slip-on pipe fittings for display, railing, and rack assemby.

  • Latches


    Auto Latch, Cantilever Gate Latches, Drop Rods, Fork Latches, Fulcrum Latches, Gate Collar, Kennel Latches, Locking Devices, Magna Latches, Spring Latches, and Wall Mounts.

  • Hinges


    Frame Hinges, Gate Holdbacks, Offset Hinges, Post Hinges, Self-closers, and Sta-Klos.

  • Flanges


  • Brackets


  • Bands and Bars

    Bands and Bars

    Brace Bands, Fiberglass Tension Bars, Steel Tension Bars, and Tension Bands.

  • Screws, Nuts and Bolts

    Screws, Nuts and Bolts

    Lag Bolts, Post Bolts, Splice Bolts, All Different Size Nuts and Bolts.

  • Fasteners and Ties

    Fasteners and Ties

    All Types Of Fence Ties, Coil Wire, Double Wrap Temp Ties, Fence Staples, Ground Stakes, Vinyl Coated Coil Wire, Vinyl & Regular Hog Rings, Kennel Klamps, Poultry Staples, Straight Wire, and Sump Hooks.

  • Accessories


    Truss Rods and Turnbuckles.

  • Gate Hardware & Accessories

    Gate Hardware & Accessories

  • Gate Wheels

    Gate Wheels