Chainlink Fences, Posts, Gates, and Caps

From heavy mil PVC coated chainlink to hot dipped galvanized National Metal caries it all. Including heavy duty T posts and heavy duty studded T Posts, many types of gates, along with all the caps and finials.

  • Chainlink


    Heavy Mill PVC Coated Chainlink, Tennis Court Heavy Mill PVC Coated Chainlink, Poolmesh Heavy Mill PVC Coated Chainlink, and Hot-Dip Galvanized Chainlink.

  • Posts


    Heavy Duty T Posts and Heavy Duty Studded T Posts

  • Gates


  • Rolling Gates

    Rolling Gates

    From cantilever rollers to complete rolling gate kits, National Metal carries almost all the most common rolling gates and accessories.

  • Pipe and Tubing

    Pipe and Tubing

    Color-Coated Pipe C20, Color-Coated Pipe-Tubing & C15, Schedule 40 Industrial Cut Pipe, and Schedule 40 Industrial Lengths.

  • Caps and Finials

    Caps and Finials

    Aluminum Loop Caps, Color-Coated Post Caps, Loop Caps, Maleable Steel Loop Caps, Post Caps, and Pressed Steel Loop Caps.